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Program Financial Policies & Fees

Below is an outline of our policies and fees for:

  • Transactions

  • Return checks & Electronic checks (ECP) - NSF & revoked payments

  • Disputed payments

  • Cancellation policy/refund policy

Transaction Fees

We use an online registration platform called ActiveNet. All transactions that take place immediately at registration will be charged a 3.25% online processing fee on the portion that is due at registration. After the initial online processing fee, the following fees are incurred on future payments made through a payment schedule. 

  • Electronic Check Payment (ECP) Schedules: There are no additional fees per transaction that will be incurred by our customers unless a payment is revoked/returned.

  • Credit Card Payment Schedules: All transactions incur a 3.25% processing fee. 


Account credits are non-transferable. 

Returned checks & Electronic checks (ECP)

Returned checks and electronic checks are also known as revoked payments or NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) payments will incur a $40.00 fee.

Disputed Credit Card Payments

Disputed credit card payments incur a fee for 3.25% of the disputed amount in addition to any processing fees incurred when processing the payment again.

Cancellation policy/refund policy

A processing fee of $35 will be charged on all cancellations if applicable.  If your player is injured or unable to participate due to unforeseen circumstances, you remain responsible for your player’s program fees.

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