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Learn to Skate

The Suburban Skating School provides nationally recognized Learn to Skate programming within our communities in a professional, inclusive and safe environment. Our passionate staff empowers individuals to pursue various avenues of skating and achieve their goals, be it in figure skating or ice hockey. Skating with us is a fun way to build confidence while finding health, happiness and opportunities on the ice.

Danielle Gamelin

Danielle Gamelin

Skating Director

Phone: 248-347-1010

Do you have a skating background? How about joining our Learn to Skate team as an instructor! APPLY HERE

Fall 1 Session
September 1 - October 28

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Upcoming Sessions
FALL 2: October 31 - December 23
WINTER 1: January 2 - February 17

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*prices reflect 6 week sessions
Please be aware that helmets are required for skaters 6 & Under


This fee is mandatory and will be automatically included in your first session fee each season.

The Learn to Skate USA Season Runs July 1 Through June 30

New Class Offerings!
Ice Explorers ($70):
  For children Ages 2.5 to 4 to ease into getting on the ice prior to Learn to Skate Snowplow Sam classes. Novi Ice Arena’s Ice Explorers combines off-ice and on-ice sessions to introduce children to the rink, ice safety, and beginner skating skills in a fun and safe environment. Although not required, we encourage parents to join the class with their children. Please note that the first three classes are held completely off ice. Helmets are required in this class. Please note that the participating adult must already know how to skate.

Essential Off-Ice ($70 if enrolled in Adult/Teen class or are a SCN Member. Contact Skating Director to receive discount):  Essential off-ice is an off-ice training program for Learn to Skate teens and adults, Skating Club of Novi students and Novi Learn to Skate parents. Essential Off-Ice aims to help skaters improve their skating skills and use ice time more effectively by focusing on off-ice strength, flexibility, stamina, and agility. Make friends, have fun, and incorporate the Essential Off-Ice learning experience into your personal warm-up routine.

Fit Skate ($110):  Fit Skate invites current or former competitive, professional, and recreational skaters alike to enjoy the benefits of a workout program while utilizing on-ice skills. The program includes high-intensity interval training methods with on-ice skating techniques to create fun and effective total body workouts that are inclusive for all skaters.

Hockey Stride ($110 OR $50 if enrollee is also currently enrolled in the Hockey Development Program):  This class is a skating skill program for beginners to explore their interest in hockey while learning edge control, stride efficiency, power, and agility. Hockey Stride is also a valuable supplement for skaters in the Hockey Development Program. Hockey Stride is open to all skaters who have passed Learn to Skate USA Basic 2 or above. Hockey gear is encouraged but not necessary.

Ages 3-5
Parent Tot ($120):
  For skaters ages 3-5 with little or no skating experience.  Learn basic balance and skating skills in a fun, introductory class with a parent or trusted adult. Helmets are required in this class. Please note that the participating adult must already know how to skate and a Learn to Skate Membership is required for every participating adult.

Snowplow 1 ($120):  For skaters ages 3-5 with little or no skating experience.  Learn the basics of skating skills in an age appropriate setting.  Classes feature low student-to-instructor ratios. Helmets are required in this class.

Snowplow 2-4 ($110):  For skaters ages 3-5 who have passed Snowplow 1 or equivalent.  Once skaters pass Snowplow 3/4, they advance to Basic 2. Helmets are required in these classes.

Bridge Program:
Pre-Free Skate – Free Skate 6 ($130):
 Classes build on previous skills, providing skaters a strong foundation of all elements. Instruction will focus on more advanced figure skating skills including jumps, spins, and edge work. Free Skate Class include 60 minutes of instruction and do not include practice time.

Ages 6-11:
Basic 1 ($110):
 For skaters 6 & older. Learn the basic fundamentals of skating to begin hockey, figure skating, and speed. Helmets are required for ages 6 and under. Helmets are highly recommended for all beginner skaters.

Basic 2-6 ($110): Skaters who have passed Basic 1 or Snowplow Sam 3. Classes cover the basic fundamental skating skills that will build on each level as the skater progresses. Helmets are required for children six and under. Helmets are highly recommended for all beginner skaters.

12 & Older:
Teen/Adult ($110):
  For skaters 14 & older. Classes are designed for the mature skater interested in learning how to skate. Helmets are highly recommended for all beginner skaters.

Dance 1-6:
 For skaters ages 6 and up who have passed Basic 6 and above. Learn the prime components of ice dance such as basic edges and turns through learning the first six dance patterns in the U.S. Figure Skating test structure while performing and interpreting to different musical genres.

Aspire Program:
 Open to skaters who have passed Basic 5 and above who are ready to take the next steps to becoming a figure skater. Through the development of athleticism and artistry, skaters build a solid skill foundation that drives success on and off the ice. Program includes on-ice and off-ice training and is open to skaters of all ages. Aspire includes 1 hour of on-ice instructional time plus a 20-minute off-ice class. Aspire skaters may also enroll in corresponding leveled classes for 50% OFF. This additional class must be booked through the Skating Director, Danielle Gamelin. Email to register. Please note that an ASPIRE or USFS Membership is required for participation in the ASPIRE Program. Please reach out to the Skating Director for more information.

Learn to Skate Private Lessons:
 30 minutes of private instruction with one of our Suburban Skating School Instructors for a six-week session. Current Learn to Skate students will be given priority in booking a Learn to Skate Private Lesson. If you would like to register, please contact the Skating Director, Danielle Gamelin with your skater’s age, skating level, and desired lesson date and time (available on Tuesdays 4:50-7:35 PM or Saturdays 9:35-11:50 AM). Learn to Skate Private Lessons are offered on a very limited basis and must be booked at least 24 hours in advance.


  • Helmets are REQUIRED for children six years old and younger. 
  • We strongly recommend that beginner students regardless of age wear helmets. Bicycle or hockey helmets are acceptable.
  • Make sure that children are dressed warmly, including a pair of gloves. Younger children may want to wear snow pants for extra warmth.
  • Skate rental can either be pre-paid with class registration or paid on a weekly basis. Skate rental is $24 ($4 per week) if pre-paid and $5 if renting the day of class.
  • Each class includes a half hour of instruction time and a half hour of practice time. With some classes, the practice is before class and with some classes, the practice is after class. This information can be found on the class schedule or on your child’s name tag, which is located on the table upstairs next to the Red Rink doors.
  • Skaters are evaluated on the second to last week of each session. They will be given an evaluation form that recommends which class to take next. 
  • Parents are asked to watch from the stands.
  • Practice ice is available for LTS skaters only.  Parents and siblings are not allowed on the ice.  Skaters must be able to skate on their own to utilize the monitored practice area.


Online Registration: Registration is available online through our website.
Current Student Registration: Current students may register for the next session after their evaluation the 2nd to last week of the session. It is recommended to do so to reserve their spot.
Open Registration: This is open to the public as well as skaters who were not enrolled in the previous session.
Skate Rental: Skate rental may be prepaid at the time of registration. Skates are also available for rental on a day-to-day basis. Skate Rental is non-refundable.
FREE Open Skate Pass: Enrolled LTS skaters receive a free open skate pass which can be used for one open skate session during the entire session that they are enrolled. The skater must present the pass to the front desk when paying for open skate. The pass will expire the last day of the LTS session.
Refund Policy: Please be aware there is a no refund policy.      Make-up Class Policy: Make-up classes are based on availability and are not guaranteed.

  • One make-up class is permitted during each session and must be used within the same session.
  • No make-up classes are offered on Week 1 nor Week 5.
  • Email the Skating Director at to schedule your make-up class.     

 PLEASE NOTE: Account Credits are not offered after the third class in the session.

It all starts with our Learn to Skate Program!

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To learn more about The Skating Club of Novi, email our skating director, Micki Freier, or visit



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